Eye Can’t Act

Sungazers is a Szeged-based post-progressive musical project of Gergő Géczi’s. He has been writing music and lyrics for over two years now. In addition to that He also do all kinds of production work, make music video clips and He constantly tries to treat this project as a multi-dimensional artistic act by collaborating with other musicians and artists from time to time. Last year in February He released his first full length album, titled Eye Can’t Act.


Exactly a year later He wrote a short story consisting of nine chapters, called Objects, which served as a concept to the idea of a new album. He has been writing the songs for it for a whole year. To the nine chapters, nine accompanying songs were written, which serve to tell a fraction of the story. The short story itself uses surrealistic imagery instead of a concrete storyline. Added to this concept are nine pictures, who were made by a recent graphics school graduate, Hanga Fazekas. He really wanted to record all the songs in a professional environment, but due to the expenses he decided to try with something smaller for a start.

Narrow Lungs EP

He contacted Szebasztián Szabó, sound engineer of Miracle Sound studios in Szeged, and they chose three songs of the nine. As for the drums, they were played by Marcell Roncsák, who did an excellent job. Guitarist and bassist, Máté Fazekas assisted in recording some tracks for the guitar and bass lines. Judit Pohl (of ELVE fame) was also taking part in the recording sessions as background vocalist to complete the songs. The recording sessions were done swiftly. In parallel they have recorded two films, the first one was an atmospheric video that was shot by photographer Emil Chalhoub on Normafa during wintertime. The second one was a more complex, visual project that was made by Balázs Erlauer from Elefánt Stúdió. The protagonist was a contemporary dancer, Brigitta Vőneki.

#inspireback movement

As the short story, pictures, the EP and the clips serve to create an overall artistic image, in parallel He would like to create a platform, where other artists (be professional or amateur) can meet. The concept basically is, if you were inspired by any of the art projects, don’t hesitate, inspire back. Share your feedback regarding the creations through your own. Write an ending, prequel, or even an in-between episode for the short story. In exchange for any content made, a free download code is provided to the creator, and all content will be displayed on the official website, and will be added to the Objects LP, thus creating and expanding the concept of the album.