Let Sungazers’ Objects short story and the Narrow Lungs EP inspire you, and inspire back. Write a beginning, continue the story or create an interlude. Paint, draw, film or sculpture your feelings about the story. In reverse of a chapter or an artwork you’ll get the core of the story: the Narrow Lungs EP, for free. Join and create the concept of the Objects LP together.

To share your story with Sungazers, send your chapter or artwork to the following e-mail address: sungazersofficial@gmail.com . Let the story merge with the music. Bring arts together, regardless of their form, because they are all represent the same, our feelings, our stories, ourselves. Join and become the creator of the Objects story, be part of Sungazers.

All chapters and artworks will be featured together in this page.

Before sending your content please make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Claudia Nogradi have got inspired and inspired back. Check out her illustrations inspired by the ’Objects’ novel below. Click to see more of her work.